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Click, click, click! I can still hear the sound of my heels touching the floor as I pranced around the house in the pink pumps my granddaddy bought me. He always wanted his little baby doll to have a new pair of shoes. I felt so grown up as I buckled the straps around my ankles. Across the room, my granddaddy proudly smiled at me as I showed off my new shoes. At this particular moment, I was convinced I was a princess and all my dreams were going to come true.

Little girls grow up waiting for the perfect fairytale to come true. We envision how it will all come about: the perfect girl meeting the perfect boy, then love, marriage, and a happy family. I believe some get their fairytale, but there are the others. For these others someone with much greater authority has different plans, plans for a purpose to be fulfilled. I am one of the others.

What you hold in your hands is a special treasure. God divinely orchestrated every part of this story. Long ago all my dreams were shattered by my unplanned pregnancy. Approaching a crossroad, I made a wrong turn, but God in His grace used it for good. That is why I gratefully answered yes to His invitation to share my personal testimony of a sixteen-year journey of post-abortion pain.

Just the word abortion makes many people uncomfortable, but sadly we live in a world where abortion is legally accepted. Chances are abortion has affected you or someone you know. All around us hearts are broken; lives are destroyed, yet the world wants us to believe there are no real consequences for the choice to abort. Well, step back world. Have I got something to say to you!

I wrote this book to prove that the consequences of abortion are very real. Most importantly, this book was written for the women like me who made the wrong choice to abort. This choice exposed itself as a privilege—given to us so freely. Yet it changed our lives forever. I know where you are. I know where you have been. Please know God is much bigger than any difficulty you may have had. He is eager to restore you and heal you just as he did me. It is time to be delivered. It is God’s desire that you see with your eyes, hear with your ears, understand with your heart, convert, and be healed.

I wrote this book hoping to save lives. If you are a woman considering abortion, I pray this book reaches you in a mighty way. With every breath in my body, I want to tell you that the anguish and pain you will endure mentally and physically from abortion are far greater than any struggle you could possibly encounter raising a child. I know you are scared and confused, but there are loving individuals ready and willing to walk you through this process. Seek counsel and choose life.

You will discover truth as the pages of this book give insight into scripture and resources that bring hope, encouragement, and deep healing. The message presented means more to me than anything I have ever written. I open my heart to you in the hope you will leave the past where it belongs, make peace with the present, and walk into a bright future.

This assignment has not been easy, but as I have grown closer to God, my heart began to break for the same reasons His heart breaks. I have learned it is about His calling and not our comfort. As I boldly share my story, I am less and less concerned about what others think or how many times I am shunned when I share my ministry. Praise God for that!

It is my prayer and desire to become a friend of understanding as I connect with your heart. I was thirty-five before I accepted God’s complete healing that He so graciously extended to me. For years I suffered the consequences of my choice, and if anyone had ever told me I would be sitting here typing these words to you, I would have insisted he or she was crazy. But, my friends, God is good and I can honestly say at this particular moment nothing seems more right.

I would like to invite you into my life and to take a journey with me. From start to finish, I want to share with you what my Healer has done for me and what He can do for you. Once I was captive to my sin, but now the only one I am captive to is Jesus Christ. He now uses me to spread His truth with sincerity like a sweet perfume. I willingly do so with joy on His behalf knowing He is leading and watching.

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